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  Company "FORUM ELECTRO" is based in January, 1996. The basic directions of activity - delivery qualitative European electrical engineers, light engineering import and a domestic production. Designing of illumination, architectural illumination of buildings, internal illumination. Assembly and a complete set of power(force) boards and cases of management.

  "Calvin" the company is the dealer of such known manufacturers as Lexmark, Xerox, EmTec, EPC, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Canon and others. It is delivery of account materials, office equipments, data carriers, cartridges, elements of a feed.

  Firm "Zelax" specializes on development and manufacture of the telecommunication equipment. It is based in 1988 by employees of one of the enterprises Зеленограда. In January, 1993 from it some divisions, engaged were allocated with development and manufacture of the equipment and the software...
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