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Business trainings:
"Art of Sales"
"Art of Presentation"
"Art of Management"
"Time Management"
"Strategic Marketing"
"Effective Negotiations"
"Secretary Training"

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Art of Sales
Successful servicing - an integral part of any business. If the client is happy(enough) with how solve its problems, it remembers the seller or the company-supplier, or both that and another. High quality of service can transform also the client into " walking advertising " product or the company.

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Instructor: Simon Episkoposyan
Art of Presentation
When the client is presented in several persons, it is especially important, as the product or service is presented. How to make so that the client has remembered you and bought a product which you represent its attention. What part of your message renders necessary influence on the client? How to cope with objections. With the participants, "stirring" to conduct presentation? How to neutralize the given participants?

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Instructor: Simon Episkoposyan
Art of Management
Competent management entails execution(performance) of objects in view, achievement of the planned results and material, moral satisfaction the done work. How to operate the motivation and to develop(produce) similar motivation at people whom you operate?

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Instructor: Simon Episkoposyan
Management of Time
Formal and physical essence of time. How to operate time so that also minutes. Lead to rest are repaid? Planning of time. Interaction with the client in limited time.

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Instructor: Simon Episkoposyan
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