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Business trainings:
"Art of Sales"
"Art of Presentation"
"Art of Management"
"Time Management"
"Strategic Marketing"
"Effective Negotiations"
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The program business of training "Strategic Marketing"   [ 1 , 2 ]

The program of the basic, standard version business training on technology of sales by duration of 20 hours (2,5 days)

   # Rules of training
Marketing as object of management. The basic concepts
   # Definitions of marketing
   # Field of activity of marketing: the purposes, functions, structure, system of attitudes
   # Role and scales of marketing in a modern society
   # Concepts of management of marketing
Marketing environment: operated and uncontrollable factors
   # The macroenvironment of marketing. Operated and uncontrollable factors of an environment
   # Marketing activity as object of legal regulation
   # The legislation and the statutory acts regulating activity in sphere of marketing
   # Microhabitat of marketing. Operated and uncontrollable factors of a microhabitat of marketing
Strategic planning
   # Stages and the maintenance(contents) of strategic planning
   # Development of corporate mission
   # The purposes and problems(tasks) of the company. Planning of development of an economic portfolio
   # Choice of strategy of development of the company
   # Kinds and types of strategy. Classification of strategy of growth. Criteria of a choice of strategy of the company
   # The maintenance(contents) of the basic sections of the plan of marketing
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