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Business trainings:
"Art of Sales"
"Art of Presentation"
"Art of Management"
"Time Management"
"Strategic Marketing"
"Effective Negotiations"
"Secretary Training"

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The program business of training "Art of Sales"

The program of the basic, standard version business training on technology of sales by duration of 20 hours (2,5 days)

   # Corrected business of training
   # Definition of sales
Matrix of sales
   # Cycle of sales
Level of sales volumes
   # Types of sellers
Sales: ways of interaction
   # The open, clear questions
   # "Binding"
   # Specification (Rephrasing)
   # Alternative promotion
"Engine" of sales
   # Rational substantiation
   # Emotional motivation
Effective planning
   # Law Pareto. A rule "20-80"
Qualities of the champion
   # 10 necessary qualities of the manager on sales
   # 10 unnecessary qualities of the manager on sales
The list of "Forbidden words"
   # The forbidden words and word-combinations and their replacement
Sales by phone
   # Telephone etiquette
   # The first phrase
   # Cold call
Interaction with the client
   # Preparation for a meeting
   # The first meeting
Management of conflicts
   # How to cope with the dissatisfied client
   # The basic types of objections
   # Variants of reaction
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